Green Aventurine Eye Pin Bracelet

Green Aventurine Eye Pin Bracelet

Soul Mission Jewelry 518

Green Aventurine Eye Pin Bracelet. This bracelet has combined all the wonderful energies of the semi-precious stones. I love wearing mine.

All my jewelry is handmade, charged by the sun, and infused with my own unique blend of loving, healing intent.

Green Aventurine – This silicon dioxide stone from the quartz family is known as Aventurine. It supports abundance and leadership, assists with balancing environmental pollution. It aids with balancing the mind. It gives off energy of compassion, empathy, and kindness. The color Green associates with the Heart 4th Chakra – Love, Self-Love, Compassion, and connecting our mind and body through the heart with love.

Materials: Eye Pin, Green Aventurine beads, Clasp.

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Arvada, Colorado


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